Boselli and Perini: a company driven by values ​​and innovation

Boselli & Perini Srl was founded in 1982 as a small family business by Boselli Franco and Perini Franca.

We have grown year after year and we have established ourselves as a reliable transport company in the temperature-controlled transport sector.

In the first years, we concentrated our energy and investments on the expansion of the fleet to provide transport services oriented towards the customer and his needs.

Over the years the company has specialized in temperature-controlled transport and cold chain management.


The Cold chain management is the management of all phases of the cold chain, including products in transit, in process, in storage, and in display. Temperature-sensitive products rely on cold chain management for product efficacy, product safety, and adherence to relevant regulatory requirements.

In 2016 the company faced the generational transition passing the management from the founders to their children. The new CEO choose to operate a renewing process of the entire fleet with the transition to 40-ton vehicles and entering into a partnership with IVECO.


The involvement of the new generation has brought new perspectives and innovative ideas, contributing to the company’s growth and adaptation to market changes.

The renewal of the fleet and the huge investments made have brought greater efficiency and a significant reduction in costs.


In 2021 the company took a further step forward by transforming itself from a simple trucking company to a freight forwarder and logistics company.

Company’s Code of Ethics and Business Conduct

We believe that an excellent reputation has to be built on strong principles.

Our code of ethics and business conduct is the result of the set of those principles and morals, as well as the lines of conduct adopted by our company both within its own business and externally.

Compliance with these principles is essential to guarantee an excellent reputation in the socio-economic context in which we operate.


Recognize the decisions we make as our own.


Demonstrate consideration for ourselves and others.


Make fair decisions and act impartially.


Make fair decisions and act impartially.

Company documents

Within this section you will find all the updated documents essential for operating, that are free to download for our partners and customers.

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