In 2021 our company took a further step forward, implementing new logistics services and transforming itself from a trucking company to a forwarder and integrated logistics management company.

We are not limited to simple road transport management, but we also offer advanced goods storage and management services through our own dedicated warehouse.

The added value of this step is represented by the ability to offer integrated logistics solutions tailored to customer needs. This approach not only optimizes operating costs, but also allows you to provide more flexible and personalized services.


Our storage solutions:

Our priority is to be able to offer efficient solutions to the customer, bringing a positive impact to people and the planet. Whatever type of product your company deals with, asking yourself whether outsourcing your logistics is always a good topic to discuss. This touches on issues such as the accessibility of a product, storage costs and distribution optimization.


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Other services


We are committed to providing excellence in temperature-controlled transportation by offering tailor-made solutions that best meet the needs of our customers.

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We choose routes and provide customized services to meet your specific transportation and refrigerated transportation needs, ensuring quality and freshness.

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Our warehouses are flexible and shared, this allows us to group together multiple customers in the same warehouse under one roof, grouping all services in synergy.

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